An Open Letter to the Student at the Start of a New Semester

Dear Student, Did you ever take back-to-school pictures? When I was a kid, my mom loved taking these pictures. Every year, on the first day of school, she’d capture a picture of me in my new clothes, with my new school supplies, looking a little giddy, a little nervous, but eager and ready to go.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Too Nice

Sometimes, people (like me) are too concerned with being nice. Don't get me wrong — nice is good. But there are times when it can become a problem, namely, when it makes us soft about sin. Sin, the vicious rebellion we rage against God, does not merit sympathy and softness. And that's where it gets us... Continue Reading →

7 Ways Teens Can Contribute When the Church Meets

“How can I participate right away in the church?” That was a wonderful question to hear from a teenager who recently became a believer and joined our church. I don’t remember my exact answer, but I have since thought about that question, primarily as it relates to teenage believers at church meetings. Teenage believers, you can... Continue Reading →

When I am God by Tim Challies

Sin is inherently anti-God, inherently pro-self. Each time I sin I make a statement about myself and a statement about (and against) God. Each time I sin, I declare my own independence, my own desire to be rid of God; I declare that I can do better than God, that I can be a better... Continue Reading →

When God Feels Distant, He May Want Us to Grow Up

  Interview with John Piper  Founder & Teacher, Audio Transcript Is God distant because I messed up? Because I angered him? Because I made choices that made him mad at me? This line of questions is actually a surprisingly common email we get from people, especially when it feels like nothing in life is going... Continue Reading →

A Social Media Heart Check

Before social media, life seemed simpler, uncluttered. You knew what you alone were having for dinner, not twenty others. Hours in a day were more productive. Focused. No scroll-and-click distractions. No blog hopping. You hunkered down and worked — or played with your kids or read a good book — without thought as to what... Continue Reading →

5 Truths for Your Times of Doubt

Living the Christian life isn’t easy. When you’ve been a Christian for a short or long period of time doubts can creep in. Maybe God isn’t really there for me all the time. Maybe he doesn’t really care for me. What if God doesn’t really answer my prayers? You may have doubts just like these... Continue Reading →

Is It Harmful to Date in High School?

Audio Transcript Is dating in high school harmful? Here is today’s email question. “Hi, Pastor John, my name is Josh, and I’m a high school student. I desire to date. Most people who I value as close friends and God loving people say that it’s mostly pointless and dumb to date in high school. Yet... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why Teenagers Need Theology

The world can be really confusing for teenagers. We’re coming of age in a shifting moral landscape, where the most pressing challenges and culture’s loudest critics are ever changing and perpetually conflicting. We see scandals and soundbytes, terrorism and Trump, new sexual ethics and harsh racial tensions, and we wonder, How am I supposed to think about all... Continue Reading →

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