A Podcast Worth Listening To: Age of Minority by Jaquelle Crowe

Students need to be encouraged and equipped in their faith. One of the best things about living in 2017 and beyond is the reality of technology. One great advancement that has actually been around for a while is this thing called a podcast. It is a way for us to listen to an audio talk given by someone we admire on topics that are relevant to our life. One podcast that will serve those teenagers who are faithfully following Christ and want to listen to something that will edify and strengthen their walk with Christ is called “Age of Minority by Jaquelle Crowe. In the podcast, Jaquelle talks about relevant subjects like Heaven, Smartphones, Dating, Fathers, Binge- watching, scripture memory and so much more. If you are interested in listening to her podcast, I have included a link below that will direct you to the page where you can access it.


A couple of helpful tips for listening to a podcast:

  • Find a title with a subject that is relevant to you- listen to things you need and want to listen to, things that interest you.
  • Listen on the go- you can get creative when listening to a podcast- listen while doing laundry, doing dishes, mowing, taking a shower, when you are in the car (safety first), and when you are relaxing. Find a time when you do your listening and plunge into a good podcast.
  • Take notes- if you are a type- A kind of person- feel free to take notes on things you hear that might be helpful to you if you implemented into your own life. 
  • Listen to the right people. We want to be careful that we are filling our minds with truth. This means listening to people who are credible and trustworthy and who will be faithful to the scriptures. Of course, no one is perfect but we must filter out those who would teach or preach things that are not consistent with the sound teaching of the Word of God. 


Happy Listening!! 


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