Infographic: How Is Your Phone Changing You?

The Data Is Clear—Our Phones Are Changing Us . . .

In January of 2017, we asked our readers to answer some questions related to their phone usage, a topic Tony Reinke addresses in his new book 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You. Like Tony, we were interested in probing the effect that our phones are having on us, day in and day out.

As John Piper writes in his foreword to Reinke’s book:

Smartphones are dangerous, like marriage and music and fine cuisine—or anything else that can become an idol. They are also very useful, like guns and razor blades and medicinal cannabis—or lots of other things that can ruin your life. I personally like marriage very much, and use a razor blade every day. So I am with Tony Reinke in his chastened enthusiasm about the ever-changing world of modern technology.

In total, nearly 7,000 people filled out the survey, revealing some thought-provoking trends related to how we’re using and, more importantly, being changed by the most powerful gadget of human connection ever unleashed.

In addition to viewing the infographic below, you can also download a PDF version (one page, multiple pages) for easy sharing and printing. >

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