New Series: Ephesians

We began a brand new series going through the book of Ephesians. Join us on Wednesday’s as we study this magnificent, glorious text of scripture together! 

Why do we go through books of the Bible? We believe that in preaching/ teaching through books of the Bible, we gain some of the following benefits: 

  • We study the Bible as it was written
  • We do not take passages/ verses out of context but take them with the whole of the book/ scripture. 
  • There is nothing that is “skipped over” meaning, when it comes up, we will study  it. This allows us not to skip over the hard things or the things we do not like! 
  • Teaches us how to study the Bible on our own.

People say that young people aren’t “capable” of “going through books of the Bible.” We don’t believe that. We do believe that all of us need God’s aid and His Holy Spirit when reading/studying/ meditationg/applying scripture, but with His help, teenagers and adults alike are capable of studying chunks of the Bible together! We don’t want to be surface level only, but we want to be prepared for all of life with a diet of God’s Word that is of great weight and essence. So come join us as we begin an epic journey through one of Scripture’s most glorious books! 

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